Romanesco, "las piedras elocuentes"

The Prophet Jeremiah (detail)
Saint-Pierre, Moissac
The figures on the sides of the trumeau of the south portal (not shown on the general view of the portal) are of exceptionally high sculptural quality. On the left (western side) is the apostle Paul, on the right (eastern side) the prophet Jeremiah. The latter, in particular, is the sculptural peak of the works at Moissac. The finely structures elegance of the head, with its long hair and beard, is the direct model for Isaiah in Souillac. 

Lion Taking a Lamb
c. 1140
Monastery Church, Mariental

The picture shows a Romanesque sculpture in the twelth-century monastery church in Mariental near Helmstedt. It depicts a lion as a persecutor of the Good, taking a lamb.

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